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Monday, May 11, 2015

personality test : Are you emotionally stable?

You are 99% emotionally stable

"You have very high levels of emotional intelligence; you can not only detect others feeling and your own with no difficulty at all, but you also have very good adaptive mechanism. You can control your feelings very well, you can make yourself happy when you're sad and you can stay cool when your happiness might hurt somebody else. People really appreciate your emotional stability, why else they all come to you for you

its so true, i realize nowadays i can manage my emotion very well.. i know when i'm stress and down and know how to manage it.. unless, i'm very broken i will seek help from my beloved mother.. her words really soothing me and give me strength to rise up again to achieve my goal..

back then, i know i always be like a jerk, moody all the time and give bad influences to other peoples around me, but then i realize i must change the way i expressing myself..

normal la, manusia kan ada turun naik nya, tapi kalau tak sedar dan dikawal dengan betul, hancuss lahh! diri menuju kematangan adalah satu benda yang payah dan memakan masa tapi tak mustahil..

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