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Sunday, March 30, 2014


bad time~ fuhh

see, i start with negative word, so shuh shuh if you don't want to immerse with my miserable

so, just want to say
if you get to know someone that you can call as friend
and you also think he/she as your friend
but when both of you got a problem, that friend will say "i want to leave you, because you are so miserable"
you think you"ll need that kind of person as your friend?

as a first time,it's really hurt
but when the same thing keep happen, it's just whatever~
if you want to go, you can go..I don't care anymore

because in my opinion it's normal in any relationship you get some fight
maybe the conditions were different, either a big fight or just simple one
then, when time flies, both of you got better and be in normal relationship again
but when you have a fight then you think you want to separate,or go away
it's the end~ finish.. fuh

so, if for you finish a relationship is a good thing, just go on

as for me, I don't need to have that kind of people be with me
in another word, that is hypocrite and i hate it
because when you are good, you'll be with him/her
and when not, you'll just leave her/him.. what the..~
and you think that way will settle your problem
but for me, the problem will got bigger
as I will never want to see again people who are easily leave me
now, I don't understand why people nowadays are easily to get divorce
because there's people like this..hua~

and one thing, when other people telling you that he/she need sometime on their own
why you just let them be
why must tell them " not only you have problems, other people have problem too"
if you got other problem, i also disagree if you make innocent people involve in your problem
but if the problem is 'you' yourself
I think that people really need time to heal himself, to make reflection

yelah, kalau buka mulut at last menyakitkan hati orang baik diam
dan diri sendiri pulak kena sedarlah kalau dah jenis sensitif tu,
sape nak bercakap dengan orang yang cakap sepatah terasa hati
baik diam, am I right?

bagi aku, normal lah setiap orang minta masa untuk diri sendiri
untuk reflection
memang perlukan masa lah
daripada berdepan lepas tu bertamabah2 menyampah dan benda kecik makin jadi lagi besar

I don't care if i have to live alone, rather be with people like that
easy come, easy go
so bye ya..
once you go, I will never want to see you again. seriously
but if you stay and
and the time will pass, I think all the problem will solved
and it will be okay, either not so okay like before or maybe better than before
as for me if you leave, it never will be like before
because i already experienced it once.

p/s: i really hate you, because you mess up everything during my study leave.
I need to focus.focus..huaa~~
and actually I'm really angry at first, then I reflect myself I'm wrong and I ask you I need time, but when you replied like that, it's really frustrating as I'm trying my best not to worsen the situation by being silent.
but it's ok, just do as you wish

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