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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

life is full of bless

who said life is dull
who said life is meaningless
who said life is about loneliness

sometimes, it's alright to have that kind of thought, but dun be too lazy to go out and see the outside world
life is full of bless

we have stigma that ijipsyen people somehow bad, annoying, disrespectful
i experienced that many time, i feel angry sometime
but relax, take a deep breath and istighfar

we have to change the way we adapting to life
the first picture can make you react in negative way, saying bad about people
then again istighfar and think about that deeply

i have some tips that i always trying to do it to change the way of my thinking and action when people do bad things to me and i receive it in positive way

first, think what will you do if u are in their shoes, if u still think what they did still not make sense
then think what surrounding effect that influencing their life, family background, place etc etc
still, u think its hard to accept why people did that, then laugh alone, its funny there's still have that kind of people in this world and fortunately i meet them right now
then, next time when u experiencing the same condition you will think, 'it's okay, i already meet that kind of people before'.. hahaha

yelah, kadang2 tak faham langsung how can they do that..bla bla..
tak masuk akal rasa.. tapi percayalah itulah manusia, pelbagai ragam

cumanya pengajaran untuk diri sendiri, kalau rasa tak suka apa yang orang buat kat kita, jangan diulang perangai yang sama dengan orang lain pulak. simple

p/s: hari ni happy melangit. alhamdulillah, baba just give me meat u know daging, fresh pulak tu.. daging aqiqah anak baba
how i love to eat meat.. dan rasa sangat bersyukur macam2 cara Allah nak bagi kita rezeki yang tak disangka2.. keke

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