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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Personality test: Are You An Optimist, A Pessimist Or A Realist?

"You tend to be more of a pessimistic person. You don't believe in happy endings and that everything will be better tomorrow, you know better than that. You know that our life is not always in our control, and that we are all vulnerable. That knowledge enables you to live a rather disappointment-free life. You're not necessarily a non-happy person or depressed, not at all. You just expect the worst, and then you're more excited when something good happens, eventually. And good things DO happen from time to time.."

yeah.. expect the worse in order not to be frustrated too much..
life is not about being unhappy all the time but to be happy with the person that worth it.. with my beloved one, my parents, my family, my friends~

that's how i live.. and after something happen be realistic to accept the situation

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